All images found within these galleries are of wild animals. They are the cumulative result of hundreds of hours spent out in the field often in inclement weather and at all times of the day and year. With a few obvious exceptions all photographs were taken here in Kent.I have no interest in photographing captive or even baited animals. It requires no field craft, little in the way of any kind of photographic skill, and is completely unengaged. Without doubt the most satisfying shots are the ones requiring the most effort, this means learning the behavioral patterns and routines of the species in question.

Here represents just a small selection of images which I consider good enough to offer to sell. More of my work can be found on my flickr

All images are available for purchase as wall art in a variety of beautifully produced print formats including fine art prints, canvas, and acrylic. Please check back from time to time as galleries regularly get updated when my latest images are added.

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