A painfully early 3am start so as we could arrive at the Gwash trout farm hide for a prompt 4am start. We were treated to two dives during our 4 hour session both times from blue 28. The first was just after sunrise with low light levels forcing high iso settings on the camera. Our second dive came at 08:29. Jamie radioed down to the hide to let us know he was going to extend the session. I cautiously dialled in some settings. Knowing that this would be my last chance I made sure I would have adequate speed by pushing the settings a little higher than I would normally like.  After a 20 minute wait whilst the bird sat in the adjacent tree picking its moment b28 finally dived and plucked its fish with ease before pulling from the water and flying directly towards the hide allowing some exceptionally close frame filling images. Here is blue 28 in action on that final second dive. He was born in 2010 at Rutland  but did not return until 2012 and has now been enjoying the trout every year since. 

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