This owl has been giving me the run around for quite a while now. My friend Jim first spotted it a couple of years ago. We were on our return from an evening’s macro photography at a local woods and it was found roosting in the rafters of an open sided barn. I regularly pass by the barn and surrounding fields whilst taking my dog for a walk. Needless to say I always have a quick look for the owl but always return a blank. I had started to assume that the bird was no longer there and had moved on when earlier this month one of colleagues told me that she had seen it hunting that morning. I decided to put in couple of early morning and late evening sessions but again these drew a blank. My fortunes changed this week when I was passing by chance and found the Barn owl out hunting in the late evening. Since then he has been showing quite regularly and I have managed several successful sessions photographing him. The owl appears to hunt very well and I have watched him make successive quick kills within a matter of minutes each time he comes out. This may explain for his irregular appearance and that he mainly remains nocturnal.

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