It has been a strange start to the summer. I had intended to continue my evening shoots with the badgers before moving onto a local family of fox's that I know. Perhaps predictably things did not go to plan. The coppice where the badgers sett is became so densely vegetated that it became impossible to continue to photograph them due to the failing light levels, and the foxes failed to put in an appearance at all this year apart from a few brief sightings of the adults. Perhaps they did not breed. That said I have managed a couple of trips out the county (see the other blog pages)  and have also made a good foundation for some worthwhile projects next year. With the main of the breeding season now over I expect the rest of the summer will be a bit quieter and I may be able to fit in some much needed landscape sessions to refresh my portfolio, and enjoy the spectacular sunsets late August and September bring.

Little Owls

I first came across this pair of Little owls by chance whilst returning from an evening sitting at the badgers sett. One of the birds was sitting in the road and was not until it was virtually under the wheels of the car that I became aware of it. I had always planned to put in the hours and try and achieve some more varied images of them. For one reason or another this never happened but I am pleased to be able to say that there is at least one little owlet in the area indicating that they have successfully bred. 

The Kestrels

I manged to get these shots just in time, literally a day before the left the hole and started branching out. I first found the site back at the beginning of April. At the time it was occupied by a pair of collard doves and I thought no more of it. I can only assume that the Kestrels evicted them. Having successfully raised two young hopefully they will return next year to breed again and I will be better prepared. 

The Barn Owl

I first saw this barn owl a couple of years ago when out with my friend Jim who spotted it in the rafters of an open sided barn. Since that time without luck I have regularly called by to see if I can see him again. This all changed last week when he gave good views quartering the roadside field. I watched it make one kill which it promptly took back to the farm. This may be indicative of it feeding young but I cannot be sure as I have still only seen a single bird so fingers crossed.

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