Bempton Cliffs - Ian Hufton

30.06.17 - 01.07.17

The beginning of July saw me and my dad make a trip to the seabird colony at Bempton cliffs in Yorkshire for this year’s annual trip away. We made a brief overnight stop near Nottingham before making the final part of the journey the next morning. All the way up to Bridlington the fair weather forecast remained true until we were about an approximate mile from Bempton when we were greeted with a thick sea Haar. This fog remained for most of the day making photography very challenging. It did however slightly thin at around 16:00 allowing a few late images to be taken in the still poor light.

That evening we stayed at a B&B in Bridlington the accommodation was nice but perhaps the biggest challenge of the day was finding a restaurant for dinner. It appears everywhere in Bridlington stops serving food at 3pm.

The next day conditions were vastly improved and we were met with wall to wall sunshine. We spent the morning enjoying the cliff tops spending most of the time at the excellent Staple Newk and Bartlett Nab with fantastic views and photographic opportunities of the gannet colony, puffin’s, razorbill’s etc.

We had planned to spend the afternoon taking a trip on the Yorkshire Belle boat to get a different perspective and watch the Gannets diving into the water for fish. However this wasn’t to be I was informed that the sea was far too rough to take the boat out and that they would just be making short trips around the harbour today. I must admit to finding this quite puzzling as I was making the phone enquiry from one of the viewing platforms and watching a couple of canoe’s bobbing around on the sea which resembled a mill pond. In hindsight if I went again I would definitely book one of the set date RSPB seabird cruises trips. Hopes dashed we spent a few more hours along the cliff top before making an early start to the journey home.

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