After seeing some photos last night of the East Sussex birds who were already teaching this year’s offspring to hunt since fledging the previous weekend. I decided to pay a trip to see how my local Dover peregrines are doing this year. Unsurprisingly there was no sign of any juveniles yet. The Dover birds always seem to be a few weeks later than at other sites. One thing I noted was that both the male and female still look in really good condition. Usually by this time they have started to become very ragged looking.

Here is the male bird sitting on his usual perch, in his usual defiant manner. I did get some more distant views of the female during flybys and also perched lower down. I think she may be a different bird to the previous years I have visited. I didn't get a great look at her but was unable to see the telltale metal ring on her right ankle. To my memory, and photo records it has been well over a year since I last had a reliable sighting of the female bird with the metal ring.

Feeding Time

I don't normally shoot video but i had managed to get more than enough still shots so thought it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.

Please excuse the camera shake but its hard to keep your composure hanging over a three hundred foot crumbling chalk cliff.

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