I am a photographer based in Canterbury, Kent. I have always been interested in the outdoors, surrounding landscape, and its wildlife. I first started taking photography seriously whilst rock climbing on the sandstone outcrops of Kent and Sussex. I would take my camera out every session  in an attempt to document the routes me and my friends were climbing to evidence our first ascents and repeats.

In addition to this I can regularly be found out trail running across the Kent downs scouting out new vantage points for the perfect landscape composition.

My love of the landscape and my approach to photography has become more creative. I now find myself in a never ending search for the perfect light and composition. Occasionally I like to travel but in general I prefer to photograph my own locality where I have learned its intricacies and details. Whether this be inland or on the coast I am never failed to be inspired and my skills constantly challenged.

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I have owned many cameras which over time  have helped me consolidate my own unique style of photography. Since owning my first DSLR I have been a Canon user and expect this will continue. I don't have anything against other brands but  it is impractical to switch between companies. I try not to put to much emphasis on equipment as I believe photography goes far deeper than the latest gear. However it does go without saying it is important to have the right tools for the job. Currently I use both full frame and crop sensor bodies with a selection of lenses and filters. For those interested in the technical details the full exif data can be seen on each image.


Kent Wildlife Trust - Photographer of the year 2013

1st place flora / 2nd place landscape

Hilltop photographer of the year 2014

BWPA - British wildlife photography awards 2016

Highly commended

Kent Wildlife Trust - Photographer of the year 2016

1st place fauna  & overall competition winner

BWPA - British wildlife photography awards 2017


Bird photographer of the year 2018 - 3 times expert commended.


Southern Sandstone - A climbers club guide

Climb Magazine

Kent Messenger group newspapers

Inside Kent magazine

Kent index magazine

Outdoor photography magazine

Wild Kent magazine

Kent Life magazine

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